About Us

Our Story

Before Green Grapefruit Soaps (GGS) was a consideration, Crystal had a passion for making home life on the farm more sustainable.  This fueled the exploration into homemade goods that inevitably brought her around to creating artisan soap.
After creating an overabundance of soap for Christmas one year, Crystal realized her soap making hobby was turning into a micro-manufacturing operation. In addition, with her online presence, her craftsmanship began attracting people who wanted to buy her soap and that's when Crystal recognized the opportunity of turning her hobby into a business.
Partnering with lifelong friend, Felicia, the two co-founded the company and began establishing the business and brand by researching and developing a soap that is unique to GGS.

What makes our soap special?

We have developed a bar that is cleansing and conditioning while still gentle enough for sensitive skin users.  Our formula incorporates ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, Shea butter and cocoa butter (to name a few) into a bar that is nourishing to the skin. While our soap has more oils and butters then most, the formula doesn't leave you feeling greasy or slimy, simply nourished.
We take great care to make sure that our soap is palm oil free and we only use FDA certified colourants in our batches.  Our soap is also 100% vegan, environmentally friendly and we are continuously working towards finding ethically sourced raw materials to use.