New soap business announces “Doors are Open!”

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New soap business announces “Doors are Open!”

Sensitive skin users now have a new soap brand to choose from when looking for everyday use soap.

Woodridge, MB, April 14, 2021 — Green Grapefruit Soaps, an handmade soap manufacturer, announced today that they have officially launched their online store.  The company’s focus is producing soap and bath products that are specially designed for people who have sensitive skin that are bright and colourful.  The brand features a number of stunning soap bars that come in a variety of fun colours and fragrances, as well as fragrance free.

After much trial and error, development, and research, Green Grapefruit Soaps is rolling out their new products online ( and is aiming to get their products into some select stores in southern Manitoba by the end of the year.  

Green Grapefruit Soaps Details:

  • Key ingredients are olive oil and sunflower oil which are known for their allergen-free properties
  • Sensitive skin friendly
  • The soap bars come in a range of colours and scents, as well as unscented
  • Palm oil free, environmentally friendly, and vegan

“It’s really exciting for us to be sharing these soaps with the rest of the world now.  We hope our customers will love what we have created,” says Felicia McAlpine, co-owner of Green Grapefruit Soaps.  “There are lots of people out there who can’t use regular soap for a number of reasons and that’s why we have chosen to focus on creating soap that works for everyone, especially those with sensitive skin.”

This is great news for those with skin types that are susceptible to discomfort when using soap designed for normal skin.

About Green Grapefruit Soaps

Co-founded by Crystal Verhoog and Felicia McAlpine, Green Grapefruit Soaps is dedicated to providing a unique soaping experience that anyone can enjoy with their specially formulated handmade soaps.  Designed with sensitive skin users in mind, all the bath and body products are produced as ethically as possible, are environmentally friendly, and vegan.  Facebook: @greengrapefruitsoaps Instagram: @greengrapefruitsoaps Email:

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